Forum request: Feedback poll in developer blog after new update/upgrade

I’m happy to get regular OTA updates for my FP3 with /e/OS - thank you for your hard work on the beta versions of this ROM. There was a time, when I was frustrated from an update, which wiped my phone (0.12 → 0.13) and I remember, that it took time to find help on the forum.
I understand and appreciate the approach to have a large number of “beta testers” - the /e/ users, which mostly use /e/OS as a daily driver. But let me request for a feature on your website, which I saw at the blog of the “Manjaro LInux” OS: in their announcements about new releases you find a tiny poll about the user experience with the new update:

This little poll gives a direct feedback to the developers and users, who want to make sure, the update will do no harm to the daily driver phone.
Could you imagine to set up such a poll in /e/ developer blog too?