FP2: Is anyone else experiencing continual crashing?

Hi all,

has anyone else been experiencing persistent crashing across apps and the OS since August maybe?

My phone crashes:

  • every time someone calls me
  • every time that my alarm goes off
  • sometimes when I type in my security PIN the lock screen tears and freezes until I get a message saying the UI has crashed.
  • less frequently, but with almost all my apps now
  • during the 5 minutes or so that I have to wait to get a GPS signal with Magic Earth but it does connect straight away once I start it up again

I read somewhere that the Bliss launcher might be the issue so I switched to the FP launcher on F-Droid and things were better until the latest update. The phone is almost unusable now. Sorry for dumping so many issues at once, I’ve just had a crazy few months and I haven’t had time to sort this out.

Any ideas much appreciated!

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My Fairphone 2 was and is working fine as far as I can see, currently on build 0.12-p-2020102981459-dev-FP2. It’s my backup device, but I just had a call with it incidentally.
I could think of these generic steps to troubleshoot something like this …

  • Backup of all your important data.

  • Optional:
    Booting into safe mode and trying to trigger events which resulted in reboots before. In case no reboots occur, the reason for the reboots would be some installed App(s).

    In this case determining possible culprits could be done by rebooting into normal mode again and then by either uninstalling Apps one by one to see whether the reboots stop … or by doing a factory reset and then reintroducing Apps one by one to see when reboots start to happen again. Or perhaps a factory reset would fix some bad interaction of Apps.

  • Wiping the phone and installing it from scratch should work if the issue isn’t caused by a bad OS build or hardware.


You can also check the free space on your internal memory. Having it very full might also create issues.


So it seems my VPN might have been the issue. Only experienced one instance of screen tearing whilst typing in my PIN since uninstalling it and everything else seems to be working as normal.


I still have the same problems :pensive: I’m going to try Lineage and see if I experience the same issues. I will report back in due course.

I have the same problem with LineageOS. Does this mean my phone is broken?

It might be a bad battery contact.
You may have a look at


It’s not random reboots. The software freezes (whilst typing in the security pin, scrolling through messages, changing a song, changing a setting, basic stuff!) and then it will say “System UI crashed” or something like that.

Before switching to /e/, did you use the phone with stock ROM?
I’m wondering if some of this problems could be related to an outdated vendor partition. I read about OnePlus devices with such problems if the stock OS ROM was based on a higher version than the /e/ ROM.

Hi all, I’m very sorry for the delay in an update but I’ve been very busy. It turns out that it must have been a hardware problem, I had the same issues with Lineage and Ubuntu Touch. I inherited my partner’s old FP2 and everything works fine.