FP2 No 5GHz-WLAN after Update to /e/OS 0.9-2020051454091

I did an update on my Fairphone 2. After the update I can not get a connection to my 5GHz-WLAN. I deleted the connection and created it again, but no success. I can receive the 5GHz ID, put in the password, but I will not get a working connection. 2.4 GHz-WLAN is okay.
Before I did the update, I only used the 5GHz-WLAN successfully.

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Can’t confirm that in my case. My FP2 is on the latest version (20200514) and connection to 5GHz WLAN is working.

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I can’t believe it ! My device this morning is working on 5GHz-WLAN too !
During the night I switched it off and on, deleted and created the connection without success. Maybe, my fritzbox changed the channel over night. I’ll have an eye on it, the next days.

Thank you for your quick answer !

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