FP3+ Android 10

Hi there
scanned the forum, but found no news about Android 10 comming to Fairphone 3+.
any news ?


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Have a look here https://doc.e.foundation/q-beta-fp3

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hey thanks !
so the waiting will soon have an end :slight_smile:
any idea when comming out of beta to final release ?

best regards

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Isn’t it already released?
Here is a toot about it:

Also the installer is updated:

I installed it Sunday with the installer on my FP3+.

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I guess at some point it will be possible to install Android 10 for FP3 via OTA instead of the Easy Installer, right?

Work is being done on the Updater to make this possible, but it’s tricky and there’s no timeline for this.

A clean install will continue to be the upgrade option giving the least potential trouble anyway. OTA upgrading to a new major OS version never works flawlessly for 100% of the users attempting it, regardless of the OS or the device. It’s a convenience lottery with really good chances to win, that’s all.