FP3: Apps Updater crashes

i am using /e/OS 0.9-2020072865179, but this problem was also happening in an earlier version.

I am unable to use the APP updater.

I open “Apps”
I choose Updates
There are a view updates.
I choose update all.
Downloading starts.
After the first app, which needs an update is downloaded at 100% the App-app closes and I am back at the homescreen.

If I go to Apps → Updates, I can start over, but the crash happens again.

So I cannot update a single app.

Any hint or tip is very welcome.


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You could catch a log and attach it to a new issue in order to help the dev team to solve it.

I would try to solve this by clearing data of Apps (Settings > Apps & notificatoions > Apps > Storage > Clear data ; and deleting .apk files that can be in Files > hamburger button > Downloads.

That’s a basic thing but with a miracle, why not :yum:

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thanks for your reply. Tried your solution but it did not work. I will file a report.

Hello, in case this is still occurring for you I wanted to let you know that this was happening to me as well.

Once I installed the latest update to the phone software (Aug 10, 2020 update) and restarted the phone the issue was resolved for me.

Go to Settings>System>Advanced>Updater to check that you have the latest version installed.

I bought my FP3 from /e/ if that has anything to do with anything (I’m brand new to this whole thing, please ignore if that has nothing to do with it!!)


Got the same issue and was also resolve with the Aug 10 update

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I have the same problem. I use Jan 26, 2021.
Is somebody haveing a solution?

Thank you very much!

As I say almost every week, it’s a known problem.

Is there anybody doing something about this issue? I am new to /e/ and I am using the FP3 with android 10 on it (build April 22nd, 2021) and Apps still keeps crashing while updating.

You can follow proceedings here, perhaps you can even help with feedback or logs …

I don’t have this problem with a Fairphone 3 on 0.16-q-20210424112062-dev-FP3, but if I did, I would use F-Droid and Aurora Store directly (not forgetting to exclude every App I don’t want Aurora Store to handle in the store’s settings) as a workaround.

I had it. It became more and more meaningless since I decided not to use Apps anymore but Aurora and mostly F-Droid instead. Currently I have only very few apps indeed installed by Apps.