FP3+ crashes on messenger calls (Threema, Wire, Skype, Conversations, Jitsi-Meet, ...)

My FP3+ running IMG-e-0.14-q-2021012698290-dev-FP3.zip crashes on calls via instant messengers like Threema, Wire, Skype, Conversations and Jitsi-Meet.

The problem mostly appears in Threema. And even more often if I receive a call while the screen is locked. But I also experienced the problem with the other mentioned apps.

The phone does not necessarily crash. But I can’t unlock the lockscreen anymore. Sometimes the screen also goes black and won’t turn on anymore. Sound also won’t work anymore.
Only solution -> reboot


Phone calls via mobile network work fine.
Does anyone else experiences this problem?
I’ve opened an issue for this. Please see for more details including logcat output.

The bug also seems to appear with LineageOS:

Maybe related:

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Hello everybody,
similar problem here with Signal and WhatsApp, though more consistent: in both cases a call can be established (also with video, bidirectional), I can hear but I’m not heard. Thereafter phone crashes.
Behavior is independant of screen-lock, being caller or callee. And it happens on almost every call, only after a fresh reboot a bidirectional audio session can be established without a crash.
Dr. Pink

just checked Signal on 0.18 and the problem persists. Also FritzAppFon crashes the FP3.

@pinkpanties @Januario
I was able to solve the problem on my phone. It was related to the app “Magisk” I had installed.

Do you also have “Magisk” installed?
And do you also enabled the setting MagiskHide in Magisk?
If yes, try disabling MagiskHide.

Also it would be helpful if you leave a note which Magisk version you got installed.

on my FP3:

Magisk hide: on
Magisk version: 23

Hi everyone!
We did have this discussion also in git FP3+ crashes on messenger calls (IAudioFlinger) (#2686) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

Long story short:
Magisk (was) installed, hide on, version 19.4

XOXO, Dr. Pink