FP3 doesn't restart - stuck to e logo

Dear all,

Since this afternoon my FP won’t turn in anymore.
After a bunch of app updates (Signal, Spotify, bank app, Brave etc.), I restarted the FP because I was noticing some bugs suddenly.

It is now impossible to start it back. Screen is stuck on e logo and at some point a text box appears saying data might be corrupt, you may want to reset to factory mode…

I have no problem going with factory reset, though is it possible to transfer some data before ? :upside_down_face:

Thanks in advance for your advices and replies

Cheers to e foundation,

you were only updating Apps - not the System? do you use a sdcard as internal storage (vs. portable storage)?

data might be corrupt

there’s the common case of bootloops, but it only happened to users updating the OS via OTA . If you search for “stuck on boot” you’ll have many hits in the forum.

I was only updating apps indeed and do not have any sd card as internal storage.

I would love for optionally verbose screen output instead of the boot splash logo, so one has at least the “famous last words” of the boot process.

Could you make a photo of the stuck logo just for reference?
Is your bootloader locked or unlocked currently?

Maybe, depending on what is on the other slot, you can change the active slot from a=>b or the other way in fastboot. You ask what the current slot is… then --set-active to the other one… but normally the boot process switches by its own when 3 boots fail if I remember correctly.