FP3 don't receive IPV6 from DHCP (WIFI)

Hi All,
Recently I added the support of IPV6 at home.
But my FP3 under e/OS 1.8 is not getting an ipV6 address from my wifi ap.
Is there something to know or to set regarding IPV6 on e/OS ?
My WIFI AP is working well laptop connected on the same AP get an IPV6.
I’m not talking here of using IPV6 for mobile data just a direct connection to internet in WIFI.

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I don’t think so, I’m using ipv6 on a FP3 with v1.9. Addresses are distributed using radvd service.

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I found why … Android do not support dhcpV6
So activate SLAAC + dhcpV6 on my router and now it’s working …
Problem solved