FP3 - Dual SIM - Disable function not available


I’ve just installed the /e/ OS on my FP3.
I use 2 SIM cards and I would like to be able to disable one when needed.

In settings, under SIM cards option, there is no more button for disabling one SIM cards.

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Thank you in advance,



Yes, the feature seems to have disapeared…

I also miss this feature.

Any update to this issue?

Unfortunately not…

I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will find a solution to this issue. I recently have a second sim (work sim) which I would like to deactivate during the weekend. :slight_smile: FP3, of course.

Same issue on Samsung S9

No updates so far. The Issue is on gitlab but not being actively solved.

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Still not available in version 18, the system just invites me to remove the SIM I want to disable… which is not so easy with the fairphone (I can not open it each time I want to disable / enable one SIM)…
Can Fairphone bring any help to the /e/ team on this matter??? It is so unfortunate that this feature is missing, as /e/ and fairphone make a perfect match.


I would appreciate to have a “Sim Disable” feature on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 8? Any chance this will be on upcomming Updates?