FP3/FP3+ upgrade to q

Hello to everyone!

Will there be a possibility to upgrade FP3 & FP3+ from pie to q via updater - w/o loosing data?

Thank you in advance!

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Thank you so much! Everything ok but I cannot remove one of Etar’s pop up that continue displaying even if i remove it.

I have an FP3 running p and an FP3+ running q. At present I am using the FP3 as my main phone. When I have set up the FP3+ how I want it I will start using that instead. If there is not an official answer to your question by then I will try playing around with my FP3 to see what can be done. I have some ideas but I don’t want to suggest them to anyone yet in case they brick their phone.

I found some “stability” problems with apps that previously worked with no probs. Sometimes just take so much time to load them and another times just exits the app.

Looks like there’s an OTA Q upgrade coming for Pie devices:

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