FP3+ Notifications


I recently purchased FP3+.
First I was on Fairphone OS. I appreciated that I was able to chose to disable all notification (for each app eg. mail, sms, etc.)
I like not to be disturb and go by my self into app to check if there is something new when I wanted to.

I installed eOS. The notification system is very different. My top bar is full of notifications for any events + I think I can’t turn off everything like mail / calendar etc.

Is it wanted ? by design ? Is there a work around ?


Could you explain what you mean exactly? What notifications is it full of? Stuff like this? Telegram, Signal, etc?

Because I don’t think this is completely preventable. It’s a bit of an annoying side affect of Android requiring apps to either go through Google Cloud Messaging and stay in the background or require them to have a notification to not get their services killed.

On eOS, Google Cloud Messaging isn’t completely supported so… you get a bit of a crappy situation there :frowning: Don’t know if there’s much that can be done about it beyond a long press and “Minimise” which will at least remove them from the bar on the top but not from the notifications list.

Thank for precisions !
I meant, calendar and mail notification. I don’t find to disable it.
For SMS, I’d like to have only the bubble notification but not the message on the notification center.

I could do this behavior on previous android system on my Fairphone.
Just to know how precise I can custom this :slight_smile:

V[quote=“Cameleopard, post:3, topic:23470, full:true”]
Just to know how precise I can custom this :slight_smile:

Very precise if you want to, but only on app level. Especially because you can configure notifications for each account you added to Calendar or Mail. I spent a couple of hours configuring the message system of each app (to be honest the way /e/OS handles notifications is very similar to iOS).