Fp4 install ROM 1.2 stable

What date for the security patch of the ROM /e/OS build: IMG-e-1.2-r-20220726206059-stable-FP4.zip?
Can we install? Thanks

This post in the Documentation Suggestions thread suggests the patch level for 1.2-r stable. also points out it might be best not to try relocking bootloader untils you are sure that eOS patch level is higher than the current patch level you have on device at the moment.

The install document may not be the best place to show the patch level because the links take one to multiple choice of os versions to install! Would be better to show patch level next to the os version on the download page if possible.

Example 2

  • Your FP4 with Google Android has a Security Patch Level saying June 5, 2022.
  • The /e/OS build available says: /e/OS build : R stable (Security patch: 2022-06-05)
  • In this example, the /e/OS build has the same Security Patch level than the origin, so the anti-roll back protection will pass, and you will be able to install /e/OS with no issues.

That’s from the documentation (Requirements - Caution - Details). Apparently they changed it since I last quoted from it a few days ago.

Installation FP4 stable ok no problèmes
Bootloader locked
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