From focal to ecloud

hello !
i am trying to got easy ecloud install process on focal vps. ‘4€/month’
focal is Ubuntu20.04 latest lts…
I hope to work on these process to get it better so i am open to solutions and explain from who those understand what is where and how to … thanks for all !

i am not the best reader of bash script :frowning:

i got my own domain so dns is set even the reverse that is necessary.

first all top update all with
apt dist-upgrade -y
need more packadges
apt install certbot docker-compose
no salt-minion so two command
curl -L -o
sh -P -x python3
it seems that curl already install on focal

then got the bootstrap start script like ine readme file…
and start it with repos url
bash e / infra / ecloud-selfhosting · GitLab master

they are many branch but use master right now.
Some script with these id :
ID: upgrade-all
ID: install-deps
ID: docker-running
ID: cron-renew-ssl-certs
ID: /etc/docker/daemon.json

then some Question for configure
domaine name
no optional leave blank
my email
no Onlyoffice
y is correct
yes my dns is set

check of all domain settings and lets encrypt cert is made.

/mnt/repo-base/config-dynamic/letsencrypt/acme-challenge/ does not exist or is not a directory
All LE certs present.
Creating network "repo-base_serverbase" with driver "bridge"

it seems then a docker-compose up is starting and download images

Hack: restart everything to ensure that database and nextcloud are initialized
Restarting nginx          ... 
Restarting create-account ... 
Restarting postfixadmin   ... 
Restarting eelomailserver ... 
Restarting welcome        ... 
Restarting nextcloud      ... 
Restarting redis          ... 
Restarting mariadb        ... 
Restarting automx         ... 

so they try to init nextCloud… so one issue about root and password in db img wait some

Waiting for Nextcloud to finish installation.....
..Nextcloud was successfully installed

sometime its is not working look issue

no idea about System config value trusted_domains => 0 set to string

then install few apps in next cloud so
calendar tasks notes user_backend_sql_raw rainloop(webmail) and ecloud plugins
download the theme

set more things and restart nexcloud… arrived here is already goods but not enough

Creating postfix database schema
Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /postfixadmin/model/MailboxHandler.php on line 227
The mailbox has been added
PHP Warning:  A non-numeric value encountered in /postfixadmin/model/MailboxHandler.php on line 227
The mailbox has been added

After (and great again) they generate Dkim record for dns set
and this is the and some output of show-info script

Your password for the SPAM filter mgmt UI ( is: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Your admin credentials for nextcloud are ( is: ncadmin_XXXXXXX / XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Your credentials for postfix admin ( are: / XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

All that remains is to try all this with a phone and an internet browser!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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