Front camera not detected after upgrade of FP3 topmodule

Dear all,

due to a broken headset connector in my “Fairphone 3 Top Module”, I updated my top module to the “Fairphone 3 Top+ Module (16MP)”. Since that repair, the front camera does however not get recognised by the camera app, the signal app and all other apps I tried so far.
I have a fairphone with preinstalled /e/OS and currently it runs with the version 0.22-20220213163417 on Android 9.
Do I have to wait for an Android update to get the front camera working or is there another way to solve this issue?

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Now I see it. Android 9 is the reason. You must update to Android 10.


Thanks for the response. I guess I have to wait for the OTA update to Android 10 then.

This fact (that I had the camera module) was the reason why I did update manually to Android 10 using easy-installer. I never planned to do this but an OTA update isn’t available until now and I really didn’t want to wait for a year (and nobody knows how long it still will need …)