Frp unlock in samsung galaxy s7 oreo

Hello everyone,

First of all, sorry if the question is very obvious or is answered, but I did not find anything.

I have a Samsung Galaxy s7 with android 8.0.0. I have downloaded the easy installer, and all the steps have gone well, on the download screen, it reaches approximately 75% and stops.

At that point, in the upper left, an error appears stating “Custom Binary (RECOVERY) Blocked by FRP Lock”. And I have noticed that a few lines above it also says FRP LOCK: ON.

I understand that this is the source of the problem, although obviously I am not sure.

How could I unlock the FRP, in case that’s the problem?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Stock Android FRP lock occurs when you haven’t removed your Google account before a factory reset.

So go back to Stock Android 8.0.0, delete your Google account there - for all times(!) - then flash /e/ OS.


To complete @SuzieQ’s answer, you can find more information about FRP here:

I’m thinking to how to handle this with easy-installer

I would suggest a pre-start screen. There is a danger that new users are seduced by easy in Easy Installer and do insufficient preparation.

In addition I think a preview of the workflow involved would help prepare users for their participation.

Thanks for suggestion.

The preview of the worflow, is another feature. It’s of course a good idea, and it has been already requested. It will come later, but here It’s about FRP issue.

I try to don’t spread too much.

I am sorry, I was not clear :). I imagined that you were talking about dealing with FRP programmaticly; but I was making the suggestion that it was a user responsibility, and could be dealt with by a reminder in a “pre” screen. (Then I went off topic and made the additional suggestion about workflow!)