FuchsiaOS the end of /e/?

What is going to happen if Fuchsia OS replaces Android and Google makes it closed source? Will this be the end of privacy phones?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

For now, as i read, FuchsiaOS is open-source

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In my opinion, even if Fuchsia OS gets closed source and Google replaces Android, it will continue out of sheer momentum. Major changes like this usually cause a lot of backlash from the average user and lots of bugs for Google to work out along the way. (Not to mention app compatibility.) This will cause average users to look into alternatives to the Google standard and would cause the Google stock OS to loose users to IOS or forks of Android (like /e/ or ones by device manufacturers).

That’s just my two cents.

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I think the AOSP would continue, but I think the big issue would be the app makers would abandon Android and start making apps for FuchsiaOS instead.

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It’s open source at the moment, and the source is available at fuchsia - Git at Google

There is more information at https://fuchsia.dev/, including how to contribute to the project yourself if you wish :slight_smile: )

I’ve not read anything that suggests Google intend to close the source. If they did, then someone would surely create a fork. So really it’s not worth worrying about.

Like @Gquirt said, if FuchsiaOS is closed, lot of people will move to iOS for the confidentiality. Apple isn’t the best but better than Google.

That is a matter of opinion, and depends on your personal definition of “better”. Google / Android is much "better "than Apple / iOS for me because

  • it allows me to build, use, and publish custom ROMs
  • it allows me to install apps from anywhere rather than confining me to the iOS “walled garden”
  • it is open about how the data it collects and stores, and allows me to turn off that data collection
  • both Android and Fuchsia are open source, and there is no evidence that Google intend to close the source. And - as I mentioned before - if Google did close the source, then someone would make a fork.

Like i said. For confidentiality and I didn’t talk about AOSP, just Android of Google to compare to iOS of Apple.

Very difficult to make any comparison when

  1. iOS is not open source, so - unless you work for Apple - you have no way of knowing what information Apple may or may not collect and store, or how it may or my not track you
  2. As far as I know iOS does not allow the installation of tools like NetGuard and the other privacy testing tools that are available for Android

And it was Apple who proposed to automatically scan users’ data (see Apple didn't engage with the infosec world on CSAM scanning – so get used to a slow drip feed of revelations • The Register), without users’ consent. They say they have not implemented that (Apple quietly wipes away details of its derided CSAM plan • The Register), but so long as iOS is not open source, there is no way to verify that claim.

So I would definitely not say that Apple and iOS are “better” in terms of confidentiality than Google and Android.


You right, I “trust” the more than Google, because Apple has made this its motto and Google has been in the headlines several times for not respecting private data. And also, because they haven’t the same business model about data.

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