G00g1e Cloud CEO: "Your data is your data"

from G Cloud newsletter Nov '19…



Unbelievable… If only he knew /e/ :laughing::rofl:

Looks like this man loves /e/ so much that he put a reference to it in his newsletter :wink:


Yeah, I didn’t believe it when I read it…:flushed:

It must be a nice word to hook your attention, that he cannot really mean :man_shrugging:

when they are interested… they buy… :grimacing:

G00g1e Cloud CEO: “Your data is your data”

I would like to read the full statement, but subscribe to the G°° Cloud newsletter is out of the question for me. Is statemnet also available online or as PDF?

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unfortunately in the company we use it for work…and I have to administer the suite… here’s the link

Thanks @VitTh, but your link points to the article: “Inside Google Cloud - Advancing customer control in the cloud - by Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud, October 24, 2019” and does not contain the words “Your data is your data”. Please try again ;-/

Together, these efforts reflect our core belief that customers should have no less control over data stored with a cloud provider than they would if the data were stored in their own data centers.

Paper doesn’t blush - as well as text on G°°websites.

Yes, but it’s the CEO’s slogan… the phrase that should summarize the article…

This is the complete browsable web email

edit: i’m sorry, it viewable only if u click on original email… but the article link it’s the same

Ahh, now I get. I would have understood it as “G°°devilry” if the CEO had said it literally ;o)

I was told once, Google does not offer services. These so called services are in fact backdoors to your data, so G can steal everything they can get.

This is a short but eye-opening summary.

Surprising statements reported in this article:

Thomas Kurian, the Kerala-born CEO of Google Cloud, set users’ mind at rest with his statement “Your data is your data, and Google does not have access to it.” Google claimed it “never sells customer data to third-parties” and “doesn’t use it for advertising” either.

Seems he had access to /e/ slogan, and used it for advertising in The Times of India…