GadgetBridge : activities with Amazfit GTR

Hi all,
I’ve just made my first activity with my amazfit GTR(42mm) and synchronize it with gadgetbridge. But in the activities tab of gadgetbridge, I just have a line for each activities… When I touch a line, it ask me to open the gpx file. But where is heartbeat and speed information ? On my watch I have all the information, but not on my smartphone.

Tank a lot :slight_smile:

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After a discution with other people here is an answer, hope it can help other people :slight_smile:

Activity detail is not yet implemented in Gadgetbridge. The GPX file contain all data. So you just have to install a gpx reader (like aat and associate gpx file to this app. After that in gadgetbridge, touch the line of your activities, then aat show you map and data :wink: