Galaxy S7 cannot update

I bought a Samsung S7 with preinstalled e. Now the system should be updated OTA to 0.7-2019081620422, but it fails. I had no problem to download the update package. According to the screen messages the updated system files were copied. Then came an error message
–unable to mount storage–
After several restarts with the messages
– swipe to restart–
the process ended with the booting of the old system and the error message
–update failed–
What can I do now?

I had the same error message with my S7 preinstalled e :

but i didn’t see the others, the screen becoming black after a few minute. When I have restarted the phone, it seems that the update was completed and now the phone tells that it is in version 0.7-2019081620422.

Hi @Klaudio can you delete the downloaded file and restart the update. If you press on the downloaded file you should see an option to delete.

Montecuistot: yes, the phone tells me, that it is in the new version. I did not check that…
Manoj: I deleted the download. And I did not get a message to upgrade…
So I guess, everything is fine :grinning:
Thank you very much, merci beaucoup!