Galaxy S7 /e/OS 1.0 and Gmail

I am very pleased with the experience of /e/ 1.0 and have got everything working so far apart from my Gmail. I want to access Gmail through the Mail app from /e/. Once I setup the Google account for it in the settings, I get redirected to the browser, login and everything seems to be working. But after a short time (an hour or so) I get an error notification: Authentication failed.
Could that have anything to do with me logging out of Google in the browser after setting up the account?
Also, another question: When Gmail was working for a few minutes in the Mail app, I always got two notifications for one email. Is there any setting I can change to stop this behaviour?

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Indeed, there are several issues concerning Gmail sync with /e/:sweat_smile:

The team is working hard on those.

This is mainly due to the new Google security policy that came on June 1st.

A workaround (that works for me) is to temporarily install and use Gmail application…


Thanks for the heads up. It is really good to know that it works with the Gmail App until it gets fixed.
Funnily, for connecting my Gmail with the Mail App, I had to go to Settings>Accounts>Google, because microG didn’t work. But for the Gmail App I only needed to log into microG.
I don’t know what the difference would be, but I imagine logging into microG instead of Google to be more anonymized. Is that true?

Not sure, but I confirm the exact same behaviour from my side…