Galaxy S7 just time and date when i push a button

Hello, i hope that i don’t blame but i can’t find any answer for the Problem.

From time to time my Galaxy S7 show just a black Screen with the time and the date and i can just pickup calls but i can’t unlock the Phone.

And when i make a reboot withe the keycombination(hard reboot?) every thing works. But i thing this is not the solution of the problem :wink:

LG Andy

How long are you waiting until you reboot?

I have similar experience with my Pixel 4a. I just try to be patient and it usually recovers after some time. Still sometimes I have to force shutdown it.

Yes sorry, i forgot that i happens one time (i don’t know, maby at 10 times) that it recovers it self. But all the other times i tried different key combination in hoppe that it was just a keylock, but i have no time when it happens so i make the hard reboot.

So the short answere: moste time i dont wait bevor i reboot.

So it look that we have the same problem.

For me it started happening less and less…

Maybe has to do with my change of Launcher :thinking::thinking:

j’ai eu le même problème.
pour moi, j’ai sorti la carte sim et la carte SD. Après remise en place plus aucun probléme.