Galaxy tab A 2016 sm-t280 (gtexswifixx)

This device needs a custom rom. Please do it​:relaxed::grinning:

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Advice to look for PixelROM-T280-21052020-PuckROMSTOCK-signed.ZIP on Newpipe

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There is a lineage android 7 rom for it by _mone on xda

I have tried the pixel rom.

Thanks. I tried again lineage by _mone yesterday and it was successfull. Thé big davantage is that you may format sd card as memory extension. Awaitting to installé /e/ for me it is perfect as extension of m’y xiaomi redme note 5 under eos. Better than PixelRom at thé end.

I was wrong. It ils impossible to format sd card as memory extension.

this does not work on the gtexswifixx

does not work

this does not work

Hi @268unlock,

gtexswifi is the device, gtexswifixx is the unified software

You may have to modify a text file into the .ZIP’s metadata according to this method : replace codenames by yours ! Update to 0.18 on SM-G870F with lineage-18.1-20201225-UNOFFICIAL-recovery-klteactivexx.img - #15 by piero

that doesn’t help at all, how can I edit the file I did what I could on notepad++, and then I tried to make it as a zip and yet it said it was an invalid zip SOMEHOW, even though it has the .zip at the end. I am so sick of this not working, I just want lineage to work like the GApps, but this is the biggest issue yet.

What PC operating system do you use ?


On the other hand,
You may want to test the /e/ build for the LTE model on your wifi only model : [UNOFFICIAL BUILD][N] Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 LTE - SM-T285 (gtexslte)
By modifying meta-data of
from here