Gallery app needs phone restart to show pictures

I am using /e/ on an FP3, updated to 0.10-2020081067148.
When I take photos with the camera app, the pictures do not display in the Gallery app, until I restart the phone. The Gallery app does display a blank placeholder for each picture, and I can select a picture (ie. a blank placeholder) to send (successfully) by SMS, for example. The picture is displayed OK by the SMS app (Signal).

I’ve not seen this reported by anyone else. Any ideas?

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Indeed I never saw the issue.

First you could go into Settings > Apps & notifications > See all > Gallery > Storage > Clear data.
This will reset the app and maybe it will solve the issue.

There is no ‘Clear data’ option, only ‘Clear storage’ and ‘Clear cache’. However, I tried both, without any success. The problem persists. :pensive:

I’ve always had the same problem, both on nougat and pie, but I’ve never solved it;
install Simple Gallery Pro, it works fine, and it is more customisable

Thanks, Claudio. That’s solved my problem

:smile: :+1: :grinning:

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