Garmin Drive app does not work

I have downloaded the garmin drive app from aurora. I need it for my Garmin zumo XT (sat nav for my motorbike) to work properly. Unfortunately, the app does not work on my Fairphone 3. Does anyone have any experience with this or any advice?

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I have a similar problem with the app “Garmin Smartphone Link”. After installing it, it asks me to access my E-Mail address for the Google play store.

  • Clicking “NO” simple quites the app
  • Clicking “YES” does nothing.

As far as I understand microG Services should handle this, but for this app it doesn’t work.

I can confirm that this problem is not related to /e/OS. I installed the app on a device running LineageOS for microG, and got exactly the same behaviour. I suspect the app relies too much on Google’s API’s for it to ever work with microG

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@petefoth thanks for checking that out! Do you know a way how to possible circumvent this problem?

Garmin does have a support page for different countries: Garmin | UK | Support Centre (url contains /en-GB … can be changed)

I like to inform developers when their product fails to provide open access to all.

Sorry - I don’t. I tried logging in to my Google account, but no change