Getting an S9+ in 2022 or upgrading to newer device?

So my S9+ died today after 4 years (the screen had a few dead pixels that gradually took over the entire screen, now it’s unusable).

I could change it but it would cost just as much as a getting a “new” (refurbished) one.

My question is: do you think it is worth it in 2022? It’s the best device to me, especially the camera and how smooth /e/ runs. But maybe I should go for something more future-proof (hardware-wise, but also regarding updates from /e/). I don’t care about 5g (as long as carriers don’t shut down 4g…)

I see that the S10+ is supported. Is there any visibility on which devices will be supported in the long run? Do you have feedback on this particular device?

I’m also considering a fairphone 4 but it’s pretty costly and I’m afraid I’d miss the S9+'s camera.

What do you think? Thanks :slight_smile:

Its a great phone, I had it myself (Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 64GB [Dual-Sim] midnight black) - now I have a Fairphone 4 which is also great but camera isnt that good as the s9+

If you like Samsung I had also a Samsung Galaxy S20 G5 which is the best phone I had so far. Unfortunately it not yet supported by e, however lineage OS 19.1 is released soon and will support the S20.
I would suggest the S20. Depending how much you want to pay for my old S9+ I might also sell it :wink:

I think the S9 is a great device. I would like a newer device like the S10 etc, but OTA OS updates keeps me with this device. You can pick these units up for a great price second hand.

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yes a S10 or even better when the S20 is supported that is surely a good choice

Have you tried the unofficial S20 builds? Do you think it’s stable enough for daily usage, and is it going to have official support at some point?

I’ve an S9+. I had a broken display an send it to Samsung. They changed the display. Now i have a Phone that is likely a new one for just 194€. I dont get a new one at this price.

Does lineage/e support VoLTE on the S20?

I think VoLTE and Google Maps are still on the issue list for the unofficial 19.1 version

Hello! S9+ is from 2018 and it gets difficult to get a used one in very good condition.
I already found an unofficial build for S20+ 4G. Does it work fine for daily use, telephony, browsing, usb c ethernet card and usb stick support?
I already saw that S9+ and before were supported with stable versions and S10+ is supported with a version from e/OS too. Is anyone working on an official support for S20+ too?

there is an unofficial version available, however only for R and not yet for S.

I know there’s those who know all the differences and how much better the newer phones are but i like the s9+ i have. I just wish eos utilized more of the particular things that make it a really good phone. Like the 2 back cameras, bixby button, etc. If i get bored of it or when it breaks I’ll get an s10+ because it seems to be the last with a headphone jack. I’m still mad at the non removable batteries! Lol All other newer phones barely have a faster cpu. Even the newer iphones that are in the 3ghz.