Getting notifications from Apps for releases candidate or beta apps regularly


for example at the moment I’m getting almost daily notifications for an update of Nextcloud. I have Nextcloud 3.13.1 on my device. If I would tap on the notification bar and would tap on the presented update button then I would have Nextclod 3.14.0 RC1 on my device.

I did not find any setting why I have notifications for apps that are not finally realeased.

How can I get rid of these notifications?

(I’m using F-Droid to install my apps because I prefer apps that are open source and moderated. In F-Droid I do not get update notifications for Nextcloud 3.14.0 RC1)

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Have you tried long tap on the notification and ‘minimize’?

Thank you very much. No I didn’t so far.

I do like to get the notification if my installed apps are old and new versions are available. But there should only be a notification if the new version is a stable release.

I would have thought, that selecting “minimize” would influence all notifications of the app “Apps”. Or am I wrong?

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that’s right.

But maybe the problem is not the way how I told it:
The notification yesterday included an update of F-Droid. I updated F-Droid just before writing this topic.
After this I dind’t get any notifications even if I restarted my device, though I didn’t update Nextcloud.
Today the notification appeared again with 3 apps to update. Two of them are stable releases. One is Nextcloud.

So my new theory is, that notifications for release candidates do not show up if they are “alone”. Instead they appear if at least one app is a stable release. This would be ok for me.

I will have a look at this the next days

Indeed, that’s because Apps takes the app from F-droid (in which 3.14.0 RC1 is the last version) and not the Play Store (in which the last version is still 3.13.1).

No it’s just that the notifications only appears once every 24h. As long as you don’t update Nextcloud, you will have an update notification every 24h.

Thank you very much. You’re right - I’m getting the notification once a day.

But what I do not understand is: When searching for new updates in F-Droid I get a response that there is no update available (Nextcloud 3.13.1 is flagged as installed and suggested; 3.14.0 RC1 is listed but not flagged as suggested).
When I do the same in “Apps” then I get the suggestion to update Nextcloud to 3.14.0.
I would not expect this to happen, when “Apps” would use F-Droid.

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You could open a “New issue” in order to add your improvement suggestion in our gitlab. The improvement would be to make a distinction between different types of releases in F-Droid in order not to take into account RC versions of an app.