Getting the old Music app back on android Q

Some time around Oreo the stock music app lost the feature to search for music. Is there a way to get the old app? I tried looking in the .zip files of the roms, but there are no apk’s there.

I dont’ think we can, as LOS music app also looses this functionality.

I personaly downloaded Simple music player (from simple tools) which is opensource and works well.

As I have more than 500 music tracks I indeed was looking to be able to search a music by it’s name.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try out Simple music player.

At times I have the problem that the music player puts “songs” in the library that are something else, like audiobook parts or guided meditation mp3’s. Is there a rule which folders it looks into, it doesn’t seem to be just the Music folder, or a way to exclude stuff?

I’m using VLC and it lets me set the folders to use and to not use for the library in its settings, so you could just have a look into the settings of any App you consider.

My observation is that the “standard Android” way of selecting things for a library or list or album is just “all files of certain type(s), regardless of location”.

The familiar hierarchy of folders we are familiar with is not so much used.

Just as @AnotherElk says, certain apps will include much more control.

I use Vanilla music player from F-Droid, and this allows you to include/exclude specific directories when initialising or updating the media library. I don’t know of a similar feature in the default music player