Gigaset GS290 - 1.2 OTA no Fingerprint Function

Hello all,
This morning I updated my GS290 OTA 1.2 and noticed that the fingerprint sensor is no longer available. Neither in the setting nor in the function. I have already published a GitLab bug regarding this.



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Thanks for raising the issue @anon48570964 …if sharing any logs on gitlab pl check in case any personal information is in them. You can also mark the issue as confidential.

Thx you @Manoj , i can get the logs in the evening, i am still @ work…


EDIT: The Bug Report i upload to GitLab Issue, thank you @Manoj for quick request… :slight_smile:

mh not OTA promted to me. But I guess it went offile due to the reported bug ?

Could you tell me, please, if the fingerprint sensor issue reported by @anon48570964 is confirmed ?
I cannot access to the gitlab issue, I get a 404 error for issue #5869, which does not seem to exist (the numbers go straight form 5868 to 5870, without any 5869).
The @CochainComplex reply seems to imply that the 1.2 OTA for GS290 was withdrawn, but I have already downloaded it and I’m hesitating on clicking the “install” button, as my GS290 is my daily driver and not having a functional fingerprint sensor would be a major annoyance.
Thanks again for all the job done by the /e/OS / Murena team and by the community.

just a follow up : I finally bit the bullet and installed 1.2 on my Gigaset GS290. I was relieved : no fingerpint issue for my part. Thanks.
I’m now going to upgrade to v1.3, crossing fingers :wink:

at first the error was traceable in the log files, but suddenly it disappeared. Thus, this “phenomenon” could not be traced. The biometrical function is fully given and I still can’t explain what was behind this error.
In GitLab the error was set to “invisible”, therefore you get a 404 (Closed).
Now I am running eOS 1.3.1 (stable) and it works fine!
with kind regards

Thanks Stefan for this explanation.
Upgraded this afternoon to 1.3 then 1.3.1, so far I’ve not encountered any new bug, cool :slight_smile:
Kind regards,