Gigaset GS290 - Easy Installer stops when i had to enter an existing email for an account. Device now hung in bootloop? Not accessible


first of all: my knowledge in programming and computing is not really existent. Thats why i bought a Phone which i can flash with the Easy Installer. A Gigaset GS290.

I managed to get to the point where i was supposed to get an Email to receive an Account. At this point, the easy installer stopped. The Phone said something like … “OK”. So the installation process seemed to be done.

Nevertheless, i did not receive an Email. So i thought the Easy Installer just hung and i quit it. I then set up an account manually via the website. I started the Easy Installer again. But now it does not find my phone anymore. It also seems like my Phone is in a bootloop. I always get the sound of a new device being plugged in and out. In a 10 second row without ending.

Here i am, not able to come any further. I was searching the forum a little. I found this post: Gigaset GS290 - Blackscreen "Reboot Loop" Bricked? and i tried to do what the guy has done. Am i on the right way?

Anyway. I am not able to use SP Flash Tool as this is all just gibberish to me and i understand literally nothing. It looks like i need a stock firmware again. Where can i get one?

With other word: I am a helpless noob. Please help me, and you will be rewarded with positive, cosmic karma. :slight_smile:

I am a native German speaker, so you can use that language, too!



I do believe there may be a bit of a problem with the Installer’s email signup page.

I just finished using Easy Installer on a Galaxy S7 and got to the same point you did. I entered my email thinking that, later, I would be able to sign up for account but…

As you say, the Installer seemed to “hang” after I entered my email. I waited about 10 minutes and thought about stopping the Installer. Then I thought about having an S7 brick. Instead, I clicked on the option just below to say that I already an account. Easy Installer started back up and completed.

Sorry, I too am new to this and cannot help with your disabled phone. Did you try posting on the Build forum?