Gigaset gs290 works wonderfully

Hello all ! Yes i own now a gigaset gs290 since two days and it’s perfect. I succed to install pro software under shelter, especially what’sapp. So then a very cool mobile, not so perfect in photography but if i want to make photos, i prefer taking my old argentik camera ^^
Really good phone !

Thanx to the /e/Os team, you have to be proud ^^


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Nice to.hear. how is the photo quality? In particular in darker settings?

hello hello !

the fact is i read some articles about it on the net. Ok 250€ mobile can’t make more than a ~900 € one. No i think theses aren’t bad but should be better. But this smartphone is stable, i have /e/Os based on Android Q and the applications i installed work fine ^^ and shelter one time i have understood is perfect.
Only 20 contacts on a hundred with what’sapp so then perfect :slight_smile:

Regards and hapy new year to you, to all ^^

If you compare both as current products sure. Just make a thought experment. A very decent 2016 900 € phone vs. this phone might make a quite nice comparison.

As long as you are happy it is fine.

The fact is and only is i needed a smartphone about ~300€ and this one with /e/OS is perfect ! so then yes sincerly it is a gooooood smartphone and without google :slight_smile: Going to receive screen protection soon and then i am very happy of my bought :slight_smile:


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Hello there !

I’m new here, sorry if i am not at the right place :pleading_face:

Nice to hear that the gs290 works wonderfully ! I recently have as a gift a Gigaset S4, anybody thinks that it will work with the version for Gs290 ? :thinking:

Happy new year to all of you !

I’m selling my GS290 Volla phone version with Volla OS installed. I’m currently in France, so shipping from France, and paper user booklet is in french language. I can make a good discount for /e/OS fans as I was myself a user for two years. Reason I sell it: I have another phone that I prefer because smaller and lighter.

Edit: I’m not sure that it is compatible with /e/OS

I also started with a GS290 last week. Installation of /e/ went smooth.

My feeling so far is also: a good phone. OK, it’s cheap and that shows: it’s heavy, the screen is not great, the sound is not very strong.

But man, that battery life, WOW! Where my old Samsung S7 on /e/ worked for 1.5 days, the GS290 works for three days or more! Love it.

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