Give warning to user that the device identification is changed

Dear Team
Good work on the /e/ os. I installed it on a nexus 4 (agreed it is community supported). I signed into my that the email app. Though I realised it did not ask me for my APP PASSWORD like what a typical AOSP email app. It asked me to sign in using OAuth 2.0 protocol.

A few days later while seeing my “Google account security checkup” showed that last login from “Galaxy J7 Prime”. I was shocked - wondering - if my account had been hacked. I never had such a device.

Later when I check my user agent in “/e/ installed nexus4” it shows Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime SM-G610M.

Please give a warning to user that you spoof the device name. Alternatively, the customer may wonder if installing /e/ has leaked the credentials or /e/ has been hacked or has a backdoor. This is very bad for your brand.

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I don’t think device names are spoofed. Nexus 4:
Maybe a Google problem? You can create an issue here: