Gmail app doesn't work

Hello. I’m new and I have an e-phone s7.
I try to instal and use Gmail app (I know it’s bad but I can’t change everything in one day and my old phone is dead so I want to use several app in same time to make the good choose for the futur)
When I try to add my account in Gmail app ,the app said me “the account is already instal in this device” and I can’t connect my Gmail account in Gmail app.
Also I receive a notification from the device who told me he refuse Gmail to acces at the personal information even if I authorized him.

First: No good idea o use any google app on e.
Second: look under ‘accounts’, is there already a gmail account ? If yes, delete it and try again with f…cking gmail app
Third: login to your gmail account via web browser and allow the access from your device.
Fourth: Make a automatic forwarder for every email in gmail to your new googlefree email account.
Five: Make an autoreply for in gmail with your new email address
Six: delete gmail app from your phone and use only your new googlefree email account


Does G***Ie still support third-party clients like K9 and SimpleEmail? (I saw some bad news in that regard last month.)

In any case, it’s really the right thing to start a new account on or and then just configure mail forwarding from your old mail box to the new one.


You state “Not a good idea to use any google app on e”

While I am glad to be using open-source android [I consider a non-open-source OS to be equivalent to malware with all permissions], why do you consider a Google app (e.g. gmail) to be worse than an app provided by anyone else?