Google API use of App Lounge legal?

Hello all,

one thing I’ve been wondering for a while is if using the Google API from app stores like Aurora Store or App Lounge is legit. The internet says that the Aurora Store is in a legal gray area. Nevertheless, is there a clear answer?

Thanks for answers in advance!

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No there is not a clear answer. It is a gray (or grey) area, and any answer will depend on a number of things, mainly (as far as I know) the laws of different countries. Something that is legal in one country may not be in a different country.

There will only be a clear answer if Google were ever to take a legal case to court. And event then, the outcome would only apply n the country (countries) where the court in question has jurisdiction.


you should go through the TOS of Applounge searching for the “google” string to see the argument being made.

It’s based on EU regulation to the right of not having personal data processed (while downloading an app) and data portability. The applicable law is subject to french law. So as petefoth says, it can be legal in some jurisdictions (given it holds up in court when being challenged).

Even if you establish the legality, its exercise can be made a cat-and-mouse-game if Google wants it to be one with breakage being introduced at no notice. Cleanapk was in this regard a good strategic buffer (with other downsides).