Google Messing Up Again with People's Data

Another reason for that question: how can anyone trust theses guys?

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Not that I’m defending them or intend to make this look less serious, but is there a chance this could’ve been an honest mistake? The answer to that question also has quite a few ramifications. If one of the biggest tech companies can make such a huge mistake, then so can any other company and therefore we can’t really trust any of them, ill-intended or otherwise.

This of course is particularly serious from a company that insists in gathering as much data as possible from as many people as possible. So, of course, if anything just because of this I wouldn’t recommend it.

Another interesting question is what would they gain from intentionally introducing such a ‘bug’, which only people that request a copy of their data would notice? I’d love to see some statistic showing how many people actually downloaded it, and from which parts of the world.

Also, how come we’re only hearing about this now? It’s been a few months already and they fixed it within a few days?

I don’t like their politics but they are honest admiting what they do.
Surely is a techincal flaw, not an intentional move, but that’s where lies the problem.
Why would someone trust a company that admits to use your data (all of they can get their hands on) and allows such a thing to happen?
When you think that their product is their users is a huge responsability to not alow this kind of flaw to happen.
There are many examples around. Microsoft, for instance, is the most vulnerable OS but, yet, the most used.

‘honest’ not a chance. it’s their crisis management/PR team in high gear to disclose this flaw before its gone viral from individuals posting online exposing google mistake. that would be another negative PR crisis among the many. google crisis management downplaying the seriousness of this breach and make it look like only like a small percent affected…

‘honest’…really??? wow.

I meant honest in the way that Google always said they collect data from their users, nothing else.
Not disclosuring their breaches and flaws surely is not honest :wink:

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