Google - Pixel 5 - redfin: Flashed newly purchased GP5 with /e/OS 1.11-stable but remain seeing Google flash image at boot and message displays "Your device is loading a different operating system". Is this resolvable?

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Long title to this message but is depicts my issue with the GP5 flashing of e-1.11. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.


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I see that the phone is reported running – this seems a (new to me) variation on the Orange state warning, referenced here Android verified boot – boot-flow.

Another answer

That’s entirely normal for a device running another OS with locked bootloader. Aka avb yellow state.

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So you were aware this is kind of an awkward approach to a forum post and takes up ridiculous amounts of space especially in topic lists on a smartphone screen? Good.
Thanks for noticing and not doing this in an internet forum ever again :wink: .