Google was sued for stealing Android users' cellular data through unapproved transmissions

You can read about the lawsuit here:

If you read the article, it’s kind of scary.

“…the plaintiff’s counsel tested a new Samsung Galaxy S7 phone running Android, with a signed-in Google Account and default setting, and found that when left idle, without a Wi-Fi connection, the phone “sent and received 8.88 MB/day of data, with 94 per cent of those communications occurring between Google and the device.”

And there are billions of clueless people using this operating system!

No better word, this is sick:
"The device, stationary, with all apps closed, transferred data to Google about 16 times an hour, or about 389 times in 24 hours."


Very good!
I never accepted this theft of data and energy for myself.


Many people don’t seem to realize quite how iniquitous this is. It’s as if someone broke into your house stole your valuables and then left you with a petrol bill for the get-away car.


THEY (meaning big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc.) actually do BREAK INTO YOUR HOUSE, meaning they steal whatever information they can (also from “inside”). It may sound paranoid, but it was in news articles that Tik-Tok wants to get all kind of information and this app tries to map the user’s home.

Facebook even proudly presents projects like that. Quote: “Now, Facebook has an even grander ambition. On Wednesday, the company announced a plan to map the entire world, beyond street view. The company is launching a set of glasses that contains cameras, microphones, and other sensors to build a constantly updating map of the world in an effort called Project Aria. That map will include the inside of buildings and homes and all the objects inside of them.”

It’s sick (and seems to be illegal in my opinion). Starting something like that should not be allowed.

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