GPS issue on S7 after upgrade to v1.0

After the update of my Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F) via OTA from 0.19 to 1.0 GPS is no longer usable.
Regardless of the navigation app I’m using (eg. Magic Earth, OSMAnd~ or SatSat) I always get the same location somewhere in Manila, Phillipines (and I’m pretty sure that I don’t live there).

What I have tried so far is resetting memory and cache of the apps I have used for testing along with a factory reset (cache only). But the result is always this fixed location.

Any advice, help or tip is highly appreciated. If you need more information, I would be happy to provide those.

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Could it be that Advanced Privacy (including fake location) is turned on? This is a new feature in 1.0.


Many Many thanks for this hint, that saved my day.
I was starting thinking about a clean install.

Indeed this IS a new feature.
Thanks again