GPS not working FP3!


I am coming to you because I cannot use a gps such as waze or sygic.
I have an up-to-date fairphone 3, tracking enabled and still unable to locate the position on sygic or waze.
How is it possible? What to do?

Thank you in advance.

Just to be sure: in microG

you acitvated both Location modules and selfcheck is complete ticked on?

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in auto verification everything is checked.
Both modules are activated.

I redid the installation of eelo on the fp3 yesterday in the same case and on an os with google it works.

I have the same /e/ OS configuration on FP3 like you - my GPS looks good…

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gps test also works for me it is waze and sygic which does not work

Sorry, I misunderstood…

apparently it’s good now that I’ve done the gps test, sygic works. I don’t understand what happened. Waze doesn’t seem to be working, well I didn’t insist I don’t want it anyway. Thank you. So problem solved.


You could also check whether Waze has the permission to access location.
Settings - Apps and notifications - Waze - Permissions - Location