GPX bike navigation


I would like to use my bike more and have recently switched to /e/OS.
Unfortunately, around my place, the bike tracks are not registered on openstreetmap, so I would like to use GPX tracks that I find on the internet. The implemented Maps app (Magic Earth) does not use GPX or KML. Do you perhaps have an idea which app to use to navigate around GPX/KML tracks?

Thanks a lot!


Hello !

If you want a Very light app, without tracker, you could try :

If it is just to follow a gpx track, it works fine

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Does it have instructions, too? I am trying OSMand~ but it seems to be pretty big…

And: Do you have any tips on multi-modal apps? I would like to use my bike on short bus routes instead of waiting for the bus and the train on the longer stints. But I can’t seem to find any app that calculates this way …

C:geo can import gpx and if available in your country, it also supports offline topo maps. Sure it’s mainly done for geocaching, but doesn’t need to be used for only that. App can be find st f-droid when adding izzy on droid repo, if I don’t remember wrong.

No, it is a basic app.

Komoot in Europe is good for places/track discovery, getting new ideas. You can plan at the laptop in a Web UI, then use the in-app nav or export gpx if you use another app.

“Organic Maps” can import gpx, but I found it not ideal - but really Osmand is not a bad pick for importing gpx.

The service I’m most fond of to plan a route is BRouter web client - it gives good suggestions and has a fast interface. I use syncthing to keep gpx tracks synced between desktops and device.