GS290 battery issue


I have a new Gigaset GS290 device, but having an issue with battery drain. Right after the installation of /e/ I did nothing and the battery level drops 2-3% each hour, wifi enabled but no app installaed, just laying on the desk. It also can’t see my SIM card inserted, but that’s for another day.

I reflashed it to a stock Android, it did the same (2-3% battery each hour) but after the cache format in recovery, it stopped and I was able to get like 5% per day drop. So I decided to give /e/ another try, flashed my device, did the cache format right after the install and guess what? Same issue.

Anything I could try?

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Hi @pkotrcka welcome to the /e/ forum.

Does Settings > Battery > 3 dot menu > Battery usage > Full battery usage show any clues as to the cause of this?

Also available is Settings > Battery > Battery Manager; I think this is on by default, or try switch it on. You could try to switch on Battery Saver, again to see if it gave a clue.

In the battery usage, only a straight line from 100 to (currently) 52%.

Battery manager was on, I have tried to disable it and I will wait for a few hours if there will be any change.

… sorry, my typo, there may be more info …
Settings > Battery > 3 dot menu > Battery usage > 3 dot menu > Show full battery usage (with an alternative in 3 dot menu) > Show app usage

… but if you are using no apps, only screen, this is rate of drain seems unusual.

App usage and device usage (that’s the alternation in the last 3 dot menu) shows me the same thing, the graph and no usage info available. And yes, no apps running (other than settings).

If WiFi is on maybe this would explain the 5% battery usage over 24 hours? Is there anything else on, like Bluetooth?

A problem with SIM card or network availability can drain the battery.