GS290 Black screen when calling

When i am calling with my GS290, the screen goes to black in a short time.
Bu when i need the screen, because i need to push u number for an option, i dont get see te screen sometimes. Also when people hangup, is see also a black screen.

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I don’t have your device, but this sounds like an issue with the proximity sensor which is used to turn off the display when you hold the phone to your ear.
You can check with sensor Apps like SatStat or Sensors whether this sensor works correctly.

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Thanks @AnotherElk,

For now i don´t know how to use these apps, but i downloaded SatStat and Sensors Sandbox.

It is really annoying when you make a phone call and you get a black screen.
Especially when i call a customer service and you cannot insert any number on your phone.

But it sounds logical that it´s something like that.