GS290. Slow and freezes

Slow and freezes.
GS290 is very slow after a day and freezesaftre 2 days. I use the standard e-mail app and FairEmail. Now and then a music app and I use Firefox. I am using Flickr Auto-uploader and a Stack sync app from TransIP. I have largely disabled synchronizing with / e /. Only it syncs the contacts app and the calendar. What can I do to avoid the crash?
GS290 / e / OS 0.15-2021031710636

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Hi, I had a similar experience with freezes almost every minute (while only typing messages or reading websites) on FP3+. After a factory reset it is much better. It’s been only a few days since the reset so not sure yet if it is completely resolved as it did get worse with time before, but so far so good.

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