Hamerhead apps on micro SD card?


I’m new first post. I just did my first install on a Moto G 2015, very impressed. I can’t believe the apps available in the app store. I will pick up a SIM tomorrow and actually test some more.

My Hamerhead question is as follows. I know it’s a smaller version of e because of space limitation. Question is the missing apps like MagicEarth that is removed to save space. Can I install the app on the SD card then, same with the libraoffice viewer?

I ask because I want to do a second unit that i can get for low cost.

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If you will format the SD card as ‘internal storage’ it should work

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So if I partition the SD card I could add both internal and external?

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If you format your SD as internal storage, your system will only ‘see’ one internal storage with more free space :slight_smile:


Just keep in mind that by incorporating an SD card into Internal Storage the integrity of the whole Internal Storage will live and die with the rather flimsy SD card … meaning that cautiously speaking it’s rather a matter of when, not if, there will be trouble, and not only for the stuff on the SD card.

This feature was introduced way back in Android Stone Age when built-in phone memory was costly and small, and every possibility to add size to it was welcome. Technically this was never a good idea, as many users have found out the hard way over the years.
(Not that you can’t fill up nowadays built-in memory sizes, if you tried, of course :slight_smile: .)