Has it become safe to upgrade to 1.5 yet?

After upgrading from 1.4 to 1.5 I could not access my external SD-card anymore. See my report here. Several apps didn’t work neither. Do these problems persist? Although I get prompted to update the OS on a regular base, I will stay on 1.4 nontheless, even if that means that I stay on 1.4 for good.

I take it from the linked topic that you use the card as portable/external storage (as is most strongly recommended), and that you can read it on a computer, if in doubt.

Android may do whatever, nobody will give you a guarantee that it doesn’t want to format the card at any point in time.

Copy the contents of the card to somewhere safe … do any update or upgrade … if Android wants to format, let it format … copy the contents back … done. Or not?

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Good evening, thank you for your reply.


not quite. Is there any way to prevent Android from altering the link to the SD card? Now it is e.g. /storage/3733-3633. I want it to remain exactly like that, but as far as I understand, the link “number” will be another, messing up file locations stored in apps like AntennaPod oder OSMand. I have had this once and I’d like to be without the hassle of adapting the links, an endeavour which might or might not work.

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Ok, I can see a point of failure there, even if I would blame the Apps.

I don’t see a way to secure the state or path of an external SD card, but perhaps others might have an idea.