Help installing e on my pixel2


I want to know if I need to have an android os on the phone in order to start the setup. I did tried Ubuntu touch and it is present on my device. Can I start the process if I have linux os already or have to install android back in order do it correctly?

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You can try (if ubutu-touch did’nt have modified the device partitions table)

But better of all is starting with a good known clean base

So my advise is install latest stock firmware, then install /e/…

Ok will try that, Im new to firmware install so I am always scared about result!

Search about a good howto here,
or on some vendor’s fans site
wait untill tomorow to act

Done, I am back to android, now what step to install e ? I downloaded the zip file.

If you have a Walleye this is your install page: Install /e/ on a Google Pixel 2 - “walleye”