HELP - my Samsung S9 can't not be turned on

Hi community !

My Samsung S9 (which I bought directly from the /e/ store more than a year ago) turns off at the moment I try to turn it on.
I see the “samsung galaxy s9” screen, then the “e - my data is my data - dot screen” then it asks the pin code for half a second before the “turning off” message pops up.

I thought it had something to do with the last update (0.16) so I tried to reinstall the previous one (0.15) but it did not change anything.

I have /e/ in the first place because I highly support the project but i know nothing about phones, OS and stuff …

What should I do ?

Thank you in advance

Since the phone was purchased from /e/ Pl send a mail to with the details.

Booting TWRP, you can try reinstalling previous version 0.15 ( it is stored in /data/lineages_updates )