Help needed in setting up my FP4 with /e/ 1.2 as a development device

Hello there,

I find myself in the unfortunate position of having to ask for help regarding an issue that must seem next to trivial to most people here.

I own a Fairphone 4, and I would like to write an app for it. Thus, I have downloaded the “IntelliJ Idea” software. This software does support a so-called “virtual device” on which one should ideally be able to run one’s program before exporting it, but unfortunately, my laptop (the only computer I can afford) is far too slow for running it.

Therefore, I would like to instead use my FP4 with /e/ 1.2 for testing purposes. Unfortunately, when I connect it to my laptop, it doesn’t show up in the list in IntelliJ Idea where it’s supposed to show all connected devices.

I’d be enormously grateful for any hints in the right direction. In return, I will report one or two bugs that I’ve found.

With the very best regards,


Hello Adrimedes, have you activated USB Debugging in the dev options ?
I am FP4 user not developer so this is the only thing i can suggest.
(assuming you are connecting whith usb)


@winkman That’s it! It works like a charm now! (Or rather, not like a charm, because charms tend not to work at all.)

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Thank you very much indeed.

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Glad it worked and good luck with your app :+1:

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