Help to have up to date apps in e app store


I have noticed that some apps are not up to date (exemple open camera v1.45.2 versus 1.46 dispo onF-droid, my canal version 4.2.1 versus4.3.1 sur google play, or magic earth which doesn’t work anymore as it is an old version). I supposed its a huge work to keep Apps up to date for a new and small team like /e/ and I wonder if it is possible to help them to have more up to date apps even if we are not developers (maybe by taking APK on google drive with recommended tools, or to act as beta tester for new version)

Good luck for your work


Hi @kaiox thanks for pointing the fact that some of the apps in the App Installer are out of date. Usually they should point to the newest version in 1-2 days. On the possibility of helping with the testing of Apps in the store will check how it can be made viable. Great idea by the way!!!

I experienced the same issue with eg. Komoot app.
Latest version on play store is 10. With e app store I only get version 9 since much longer than 2 days.
I tried to install it with yalp. This did not work either. Error message is: app is splitter. Yalp says it would require to be a system app to install such an splitted app

try aurora store, this helped me with splittered apps


Indeed. Aurora store could install the splitted app. And it even found much more updates than yalp. Thx for this hint.

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