Help with purchase decision Fairphone 4

I am considering buying a new smartphone, a Fairphone 4.

  • Do the cameras of the device work properly with /e/OS?
  • Since the Fairphone is to be updated to /e/OS Android S, is there anything in particular I need to consider?
  • Are there any known problems under /e/OS with the Fairphone 4?
  • I attach importance to a good camera, since I take a lot of pictures. Is another phone under /e/OS more advisable?

I do not know so well, can the stock rom of a Fairphone 4 be reloaded without problems if inconsistencies occur under /e/OS?

I bought the FP3+ some two years ago, and I would do it again.
Only I do not rely on the quality of the camera that much. The pics are ok though.

What got me rejecting the FP4 was the fact that it has USB-C only, and no additional 3,5 mm chinch.
Listening to music or podcasts I prefer a wired headphone and with only one connector you cannot listen and charge at the same time.

As for the /e/OS - I simply bought it in the Murena store.

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The reason why I didn’t buy a FP4 is that is has no physical headphone socket anymore. Headphones are Bluetooth only.

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3.5mm to USB-C adapter works perfectly fine for me.

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Yes, is a solution. But the USB socket is on the bottom and an USB plug is a rather long thing and it’s cable is not angled as most headphone cables are. You can’t carry this construction upright in your pocket, you must at least turn it upside down.

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First of all, thank you for all the feedback.
I don’t really need a 3.5mm jack. I would need feedback from Fairphone 4 users who might be able to give me their impression of the image quality that the Fairphone 4 delivers when used with /e/OS. That would be the most important point for me. What good are 3 cameras on my phone if /e/OS effectively only uses one for image capture.
I also looked at the Installtionprocess today. For Android S, the smartphone must have the appropriate StockROM installed? Please do not get me wrong with my questions, I do not want to scrap a very expensive phone for me.

Yes, they all three do (although when changing camera you always hop over one non working camera ID. But that’s no important glitch)

No, I don’t think so. If you buy directly with Murena you might even get S directly and avoid a manual /e/OS installation by yourself

Well, there are a lot of open bugs. Some people seem to be more affected, some less. I’m satisfied and don’t notice relevant problems. But if you check here or on Fairphone forum you’ll always also find unsatisfied users, too. So it’s hard to say.

Well, from all reports I’ve the impression that currently the camera software of stock OS seems to be better (it seems to have improved a lot lately). If you’re not satisfied you can always try out the googlecam-ports. For me they’re currently better, but afaik don’t support wide angle cam.
Don’t know if other HW supported by /e/OS performs better cam-wise.


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Thank you for your detailed answer. Now I can get a better picture. I will buy the Fairphone from the manufacturer’s store, as there are currently a few Ear Pods available. I would like to have these with it, since the smartphone does not have a 3.5mm jack socket. Also, I can register the device with the 5 year warranty.
I will try the installation instructions, hopefully I do nothing wrong. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

You can also register that warranty when buying from Murena (just saying! - offer with earbuds is still a good reason).

I think there can nearly nothing go severely wrong (and if it doesn’t work an first attempt you can always ask here) except if you want to relock the bootloader after installation. Then you should at least inform you well before doing so.

And I recommend you thoroughly test the camera during the first days once you have the device. If you might not be satisfied you might return it easily during the first 14 days.

Sorry for my (stupid) question, but why would the bootloader be locked again after installing /e/OS. For security reasons? Can something go wrong there? What can go wrong if it remains unlocked?

Very happy with my FP4, no major problem and the camera quality is good enough for me, better than my old phone.

Yes, for security reasons. Someone getting your device in ones hand could e.g. flash malicious firmware on it.

Yes, in the worst case you could hard brick it.

I found in the installation description the link that leads to this forum if you have problems with the installation.

Some had problems after the relock bootloader. I am really afraid that I will make my brand new device unusable if I put the bootloader back to its original state.

Is the reason for bricked device after relock the bootloader the wrong patch level during the installation?

Probably too late for you but for future reader: the camera is very bad and have a lot of bug. You can’t trust it to take picture. It can get stuck without warning.