Hide icon, Default Webapp icon and Home setup


  • Maybe it’s very personal, but I really liked it on Android to be able to display only the icons I was using (unlike ios) and it is no longer possible on /e/, is there any plan to hide the icons of the system apps that are not uninstalled? Because parking them in a folder is not ideal.

  • Is it planned to change the default browser icon? Again it’s very personal, but I find it really ugly (it looks like the icon of “Agence France Presse”) and it contrasts with the style of the other icons that are really nice.

It might well be to put a desktop setting shortcut button, in the left panel for example, like the weather wiglet, a small gear.
This would allow to return to a menu with the options: screen font, font sizes (interface settings in general)

  • Is it planned to have more options in the left panel? Like the display of upcoming appointments, latest notes, favourite contacts? The possibility of pinning down our favourite apps? Because the apps suggestion is not very useful.
    That the search area, search locally on the phone and that you can choose to launch a search on the internet by an extra click.
    Knowing that all this would be set up in the “unify” menu mentioned above.

This left panel open a lot of possibility and I hop there will fully explore :slight_smile:



I would like to jump on this thread.
I do agree that the webapp icon is not very pretty, but I wouldn’t mind.
What i find much more irritating is that it seems also to replace icons for alternative browsers. I have installed fennec and firefox focus for test purposes and they all appear with the same icon.

I would prefer to keep the icons provided by those apps.

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